InterACTion is an 18-session program that brings law enforcement officers and teaching artists from the  La Jolla Playhouse together inside the classroom to address pressing issues such as crime, gang violence, self-expression, and the dangers of drugs with high school teens in a unique and non-threatening way. Through a partnership with the San Diego Unified School District, the program is taught at Lincoln High School in Southeastern San Diego and Crawford High School in City Heights, and is designed to assist students in learning the necessary tools to make positive life choices, using theater as a medium to communicate about the struggles they face each day.

This crime and violence prevention program combines law enforcement, teachers, and the arts in a way that is direct in its approach, addressing various issues such as school violence, drug & alcohol abuse, sexual assault, and bullying.  The purpose of this program is to educate students about the law and to provide them with skills necessary to make good choices regarding self-destructive behavior. In addition, the program provides a forum where high school students can feel free to express themselves in a non-threatening environment. At the end of the session, youth participants each perform a monologue in front of their peers that addresses one of the topics covered in the course of the program.