Who we are:

Founded in 1988 and redefined in 1998, STAR/PAL is a San Diego-based nonprofit organization with a unique structure and programs that demonstrate a nationally recognized model of police and community collaboration. Sworn officers from the San Diego Police and County Probation Departments work side-by-side with civilian personnel and trained law enforcement volunteers to provide the leadership and mentoring critical in promoting youth safety, positive life choices, and academic success. All STAR/PAL programs are led by law enforcement officers who educate youth about the dangers of juvenile crime and violence.

The STAR/PAL name:

Initially two separate entities, the San Diego PAL(Police Athletic League) chapter was founded in 1988 and primarily served county areas, whereas the STAR (Sports Training, Academics, & Recreation) organization came into existence in 1993 to focus its programmatic efforts within city boundaries. The two organizations merged to form STAR/PAL in 1998, representing an alignment of city, county, and community efforts. The unification of programs, staff, volunteers, and the Board of Directors sought to ensure that all youth in the region have similar opportunities to participate in and reap the benefits of youth programming with law enforcement and public safety officers, as well as community leaders.

The STAR/PAL U.S. Bank Center to Serve Youth:

The STAR/PAL U.S. Bank Center to Serve Youth, located at Colina Del Sol Park in the heart of Mid-City, provides a safe corridor for hundreds of youth who walk to and from school.  The Center consists of a facility which houses STAR/PAL officers on-site as well as space for a variety of free, unique youth programs. The facility exemplifies STAR/PAL’s police and community collaboration and serves as a safe-haven in an area historically plagued with crime issues. The presence of our facility, as well as law enforcement personnel available to deter and address juvenile crime activity ranging from truancy and graffiti to gang activity and assaults, provides a resource for all youth and families that want to safely enjoy their community.